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Land Raider Structure

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Sold not assembled.

With this bits kit, you'll be able to build a Space Marine or Chaos Space Marine Land Raider structure, independently of side doors, hatches, weapons and small accessories (fittings, lights and ramps are included).

The best solution to add exits bearing your army emblems and to create your own vehicles at a lower cost.

Kit made up of these items :


2A0A-SMLRBS x1 - 2A0B-SMLRCG x1 - 2A0C-SMLRBI x1

2A1A-SMLRCD x1 - 2A1B-SMLREC x1 - 2A1C-SMLRBA x1

2A1D-SMLRRI x1 - 2B0E-SMLRSL x1 - 2B0H-SMLRMO x1

2B1C-SMLRPH x1 - 2B0G-SMLRPC x1 - 2B1D-SMLRG1 x1

2B1E-SMLRG2 x2 - 2B1F-SMLRG3 x1 - 2B1G-SMLRG4 x5

2B1H-SMLRD1 x1 - 2B1I-SMLRD2 x2 - 2B2A-SMLRD3 x1

2B2B-SMLRD4 x5 - 2A1E-SMLRRS x1 - 2B0E-SMLRSL x1


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