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Bitzarium, the website of Warhammer ™ Bits, Warhammer 40K ™ Bitz & Forge World ™ Bitz

Bitzarium, the website of Warhammer ™ Bits, Warhammer 40K ™ Bitz & Forge World ™ Bitz

From the unchained warhammer 40000 Space Marine ™ bitz to the mysterious warhammer Age of Sigmar ™ bits, by continuing with the relentless Forge World ™ 30k bitz, Bitzarium proposes you more than 10,000 references of 40K ™ bitz, Forge World ™ bitz and Warhammer ™ bits

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Bitzarium is your website dedicated to Bitz retail,

especially stemming of Warhammer 40,000 

& Warhammer Fantasy Battle  universes.

We propose also a huge range of resin Forge World ™ Bits,

notably those of the Horus Heresy era.

You'll find in our catalogue a wide choice of accessories and weapons

to convert your figurines and create new sceneries.



Bitzarium, it's also a premium service:


- free shipping for each 45 € cart or more

to all the delivered countries 


- shipping under blister pack and/or resitant bubbles bag and waterproof bubble enveloppe of all your orders

- a steady restocking of all our range of W40K ™ Bits, Warhammer ™ Bitz and Forge World ™ Bits


- your website, customer area and order process fully secured via SSL certificate authenticated

to ensure the private nature of your data


- all your payments totally secured by Paypal ™






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